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Phonic Program:  Sing, Spell and Read partnered with High Scope Approach

Sing, Spell, Read & Write Pre-Kindergarten

Thisprogramcovers colors, shapes, visual discrimination, matching, opposites, classification, story sequence, coloring, tracing, letter recognition, letter sounds, auditory discrimination, counting 1-10, zero, seasons, and oral vocabulary development.

The teacher's manual provides step-by-step directions, enrichment activities, song lyrics, and a recommended read-aloud book list. Lessons include activity numbers to easily locate the correct activity sheet; objectives, recommended books, and lesson instructions are all included on the same page for easily found, coordinated planning.

Sing, Spell, Read & WriteKindergarten


This program uses fun songs, interactive charts, games, readers, and workbooks to teach students how to spell, read, and write. Covering two years' worth of language arts instruction, thirty-six steps divided between Kindergarten (15 steps) and Grade 1 (21 steps) cover the alphabetic principle, phonics, sound/letter correspondence, short vowel sounds, blending, and eventually how to read single and short-vowel words.

All Aboard includes coloring, cut-and-paste, tracing, and circling exercises to help children develop phonemic awareness, letter recognition, manuscript writing, visual & auditory discrimination, and other readiness skills.

On Track features matching, tracing, drawing, fill-in-the-blank, and other exercises to help children develop systematic phonics, vocabulary, reading, and comprehension abilities.

 Six "Phonetic Storybook" kindergarten readers are filled with fun illustrations that will hold students' attention as they read the simple sentences that reinforce the lessons.